Kaplogik FAQs

We love and accept ALL industries and businesses. We do not turn away any industry, because we know that ALL industries matter.

We require an application and three bank statements to be approved. If it is fifteen days into the month, we ask for the current month up to date. We want to be sure we have all balances due up to date.

Once approved, we will need a valid driver’s license, a voided business check, and the business’s EIN number.

We have a processing fee of 1.5 – 2% of the total amount funded. This is the ONLY fee we require.

Our longest term for payback is 15 months.

    We do offer lines of credit.

    No, we do not offer traditional loans.

    Yes, we still fund businesses that are seasonal.

    Yes, we can still fund businesses with inconsistent cash flow.

    Apply online, submit an application and bank statements, get an offer, accept the offer, and last send in documents (drivers License, voided business check, accounts receivable statement (if applicable), K-1 (shareholder income deduction credit), and pictures of the business.

    The payback will depend on the rate and amount funded. For example, if you have a rate of 1.25% for $10,000 funding over the 100 days, your payback will be $125 per day for a total payback of $12,500.

    It depends on your rate, amount funded, and term period. Multiplying your rate by the amount will give you the repayment and divided by the term amount will give you your daily payment.

    You will be funded as soon as we receive your approved application and necessary documents.

    We do not restrict any location or business. We understand that ALL businesses need funding and make it our mission to provide accessible and affordable capital for everyone.

    We do not offer monthly payments. Daily or weekly only.

    We do pull credit. We can however, assist our clients in cleaning up their credit from harsh inquiries.

    No, we DO NOT send your information to other lenders. We keep your information private.

    Yes! We are a direct lender. No broker or broker fees.

    Yes. We can give you a short term advance to establish payment history. Everyone deserves a second chance.

    If you have satisfied the judgement for bankruptcy, we would be able to work with you.

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