Benefits of a Consolidation

Lower Payments

After combining two or more positions and lowering your weekly payments; if your daily cash flow still has restraints, we offer a business line of credit to use as an extension of capital to assist with growth and expansion needs.

Improve Business Processes

After you consolidate your business funding you will have the additional capital. You will have the ability to upgrade your equipment, supplies, increase inventory, hire employees, and improve your overall business infrastructure.

Lowest Factor Rates

Being a direct lender allows us to offer the lowest rates in the industry. Our consolidations program can lower your daily payments up to 40%. This will help to free up funds to utilize as working capital.

Reduce Positions

Consolidations will take all your open positions, loans, and advances and combine them into one payment. This will significantly lower payments and make them easier to manage saving you time, money and resources.

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